Virtual Mac Support


Modern Day Technology with Old School Integrity

Finding a tech today that shows up on time, resolves your issue and doesn’t overcharge you seems to be a challenge. At VMS our focus is on client satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience, we have earned our reputation and continue to live up to it one client at a time. 


Remote support offers many advantages over traditional on-site support. It offers clients a less intrusive way of getting the assistance they need at a reduced cost. With the simple installation of a small piece of computer software, we can access a clients computer safely and securely to assist them with their support needs. Lets face it, having a computer tech come to your location is not always convenient. Life happens, children get sick, phones ring and the last thing you want is someone sitting in your house asking you computer questions. Remote support is also great for the environment as it reduces fuel consumption while the tech drives to your location. Remote support also, in most cases, allows a faster response time if the tech doesn’t have to drive to the clients location.


In some cases it is still necessary to have a tech come out to your location to assist with more challenging issues that can’t be addressed remotely. Issues such as no internet connection, computer not turning on, failed hard drive or broken screen would be some examples. In cases like these a tech would come out to your location, assess the issue and make recommendations on how to resolve the issue as quickly and as cost effectient as possible. The on-site option allows you to explore other options with your tech such as improving Wifi network performance and range extension. 


In todays fast paced world, sometimes you need a quick answer. It isn’t always necessary to have someone come out to your location to answer what could be a simple issue that could easily be answered via text message or telephone call. Thats why we introduced our new Mobile Support service. This service allows our clients to text message us or call us with their questions or concerns and receive a response in a much shorter time than an on-site appointment. Having the flexibility to reach out to us in this manner allows the client to seek our help while still moving around in their daily life.


When the time comes for you to purchase new equipment, you can feel safe knowing we will be available to assist you with making the right selection of hardware, software and peripherals. In some cases salespeople will lead you toward what they are being “pushed” to sell, which, in most cases, isn’t the best solution for you. With our help, we will assist you in defining your needs and expectations from your equipment and work with you to configure the right pieces of hardware that will perform the way you need them to. With our help, you will have many satisfied years with your new equipment.


Remote Support

$34.99 Per 1/2 Hour


$90 Per Hour

Mobile Support

$24.99 Per 1/2 Hour

Purchasing Support

$149.99 Per Plan


As the office manager of a small business, there is nothing more frustrating than needing technical service and being given the dreaded “service window”. My time is important and Joseph Corsino treats it as such! Joe has helped our company with network setup, integration, website, word press, and a wide range of troubleshooting. Joe is always on time, reliable, and trustworthy. Joe cares about our business and values us a customer. I am thankful that we have Joe to help us with our office IT needs.

Lisa Cagle

Office Manager / Specialty Nutrition

Joe Corsino is a Mac specialist extraordinaire. Not only is he up to date on Macs, but he is dependable, trustworthy, and honest. He has been fixing, upgrading, and installing computers for our non-profit organization for the past ten years. We can always count on him to fix all our computer problems, and we highly recommend him for all personal and business Mac computer needs.

Myriam Eli

Executive Director / Harmonic Motion

I have known Joe Corsino for about 10 years and he has been helping our family with any Apple/Mac issues throughout these years. Joe has always been available and reliable. He is on time for his appointments, and should he be running late (which is rare), he always calls to let me know. Joe has also been available through text and by phone should there be a relatively simple question. Joe works hard to resolve any computer/technology issue you might encounter. He tries his hardest to save you money where he can and will follow up after he has serviced a product or resolved a computer issue in your home.

Kathy Feinerman

Joe has worked with me on my computer issues, set-up, storage etc. issues for over 6 years. I so appreciate his attentiveness and professionalism! He is always prompt, working to fit me in his busy schedule. We can also take care of some issues while each sits at a computer in our respective offices – so handy!! Joe knows his stuff! He is talented, and I am often pleasantly surprised by how quickly he solves a problem. He has saved me many times, especially with emergency tech. issues. He is always patient, working to help me understand what he is doing at my computer. He also keeps up to date on the latest trends, products, etc. I trust Joe for his ongoing support as well. As a professional photographer, Joe knows how important my computers and programs are to my business – he is always there when I need him!

LuAnn Warner-Prokos

WP Newborns Photography